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So,  my last post was about 6 month ago,  not much to say only that the year is about to end.  I can't complaint this has been a good year.  I was mostly in school the second half.  Trying to finish an associates in theatre arts at HVCC.   My career in fight choreography seem to be getting better,  I only hope eventually I can make it work to the point of getting paid for it.  Only time will tell. I am feeling great and I am doing great so I guess that is a good thing.  

Maybe I will write more often here.
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Well,  I was at home thinking that I have not posted anything here in a long time.  I have been hooked on video blogs.  So, here I go with a quick update on things. 

I am working temporarily as a reader grading 10 grader measured test.  It's been going good and I feel happy about this job since I have not worked for the last 7 months.  That did not mean I stayed at home doing nothing.  No,  I am not that lazy.  I have been on school part time studying Theatre Arts at HVCC.  This past semester I directed a show, and participated on the production of "Henry V".    Right now I am the fight choreographer for another production of Macbeth, so far things are going well and I am also making video blogs of it.  Besides that I also went to Auditon at American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC I am waiting for the letter to whether they accept me or not. Finally a few weeks ago I got the oportunity to go to Buffalo, NY to see Niagara Falls.  It was a fantastic trip that I enjoyed and I had a great time with my friend Lana.  Anyway, this is it for now until next time.


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Lately I have been posting video blogs.   Maybe I got lazy of writing but in any case here is the link to my youtube video blogs and a bunch of other videos.   check them out and feel free to write comments. 


Link:  http://www.youtube.com/user/peterjgonzalez30

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So it is 2010 and it is been quite a long time since the last time that I wrote here.  My life has been a bit mess up lately.  I quit my job in November 2009 and I am trying to find a new day job so I can continue my hobbies of wrestling and fight choreography.  Also up to last friday I was living on a Motel since I was homeless, my ex-girlfriend told me to mive from her house on a short notice so I had to hit the road.  I was lucky I was able to find a studio apartment.   On the good side, however I finished another class in NYC quaterstaff,   it is the 6th dicipline I pass and I am now 2 diciplines away of getting cretified in all 8 diciplines by the SAFD.   It seems my life has been sucked by theater and fight choreography but that is ok. I am single and right now I am not involved in any relation so been consumed by my hobbies is ok plus it keeps me busy and prevents me from thinking about all the shitty things that have been going up in my life recently.  Also last year I got back in wrestling, I have been training again and have wrestle 2 shows and will be wrestling again on February 6 at the Ballston Spa Comunity Center.  I thought I was going to be through with wrestling but I was missing it so I had to find a balance plus my friends they have been very supportive of me being trans and it make things easier.   Also I have been on school part time last semester I did good on my first class at the Theater Arts program This semester I am set for 2 classes Acting II and Intro to the Theater. I am looking forward to this semester specially since I will also be directing a one act play at school and choreographing Henry V, which means more experience for me in the theater world and fight choreaogaphy, who knows maybe my next move will be to move to new york city.........  Finally I have been working on choreographing a fight scene for a new production of "I hate hamlet"  Fight rehearsals have been going well and I am sure this production will be amazing, and not because of the fight scene only.   Anyway,  this is for now until next time 

Current Mood: okay okay

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So,   last month (June 14, 2009)  after the pride festival was over I return home to find my laptop stolen.  this really pissed me off,  I lost pictures, and videos I have editted and my graduate work from when I was at RPI.  I have not heard anything from the police and it sucks.    Also, my pick up truck brakes died so I junk it away now I have no car,  I have to take the bus which sucks but at the same time I have to walk more so it is helping lose weight.  However,  I missed the memories of my pick up truck such as my road trips to North Carolina School of the Arts in 2007 and my trips to Highgate, VT to wrestle.    In my theater life I am on a well  deserve break.  Early this year I was busy with 3 productions and a stage combat class in NYC.   I choreographed two shakespeare shows: Hamlet and Romeo& Juliet and participated in a production of Camille (by Charles Ludlam) at Proctors  Theater in Schenectady.   That is over but I can't wait to get involve in another production soon,  I am getting bored. 

Money wise I am not doing ok.  I got suspended without pay for a week for inapproprite use of the internet t work and that affected me a lot economically to the point that I miss a few payments on my credit cards.    I also have to admit that in part I caused this because I needed clothes for the summer and I went crazy on a shopping spree spending around $600 in clothes and shoes at the mall. 

Finally, last moth I meet someone.  She is a young transexual.   My ex-roomate meet her downtown and  ask her to do a photo shoot for him.  We are friends and she has stuck with me since last month although I am not sure about it since some intimacy has been going on with both.  However she feel atracted to men and much to surprise to almost every men she sees on the street, she also likes this guy that is older than her (she is 18 and the guy is 44)and I can't understand why  also the guy in my opinion is not good he has a criminal record and at one oint hit her and there is an order of protection against him and he seems a jelous person so I am a bit worried about it too.  Also, she has no job and everytime she is asking me for money and sometimes it frustrate me to the point that I do not know what to do. Anyway, this is it for now.
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So early this year

I moved to downtown Albany, now I live close to work and since my vehicle is about to die (it is broken and the brakes are in a really bad shape)  I now can take the bus and or ride a bicycle.    I am busy with theater rehearsals  mostly doing fight choreography.  I am Choreographing 2 shows  Romeo and Juliet  which will open the first weekend of May, I am also playing the role of a servant and Hamlet at Hudson Valley Community College.  I also got cast in my second female role in the show by Charles Ludlam  Camille, this will be at proctors theater in Schenectady in Mid-Late May.  I am also once again going to NYC every saturday for a Knife stage combat class.   Test is on April 26.    At work things are not too good, not going to get into details.    Anyway this is it for today.


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It is been a while since I hae not posted anything here, so this weekend I will try to write something. 
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Not much to say.  For many years I struggled to come into terms with my gender identity.  I knew from an early age I did not fit as man.  Still out of fear I try hard to fit.  To the point of acting in some cases as a total jerk. Deep inside I knew that was not me but I was affraid of what others will think.  So I went with the flow.    Finally, last year I decided to transition from male to female and live life as a woman.  Well the time arrived, and this past Monday I was finally able to transition gender at work and start living full time as a woman.  So far things are going well and I am happy.   How life is going to be in the future and what things it will bring me I do not know. For the moment I think I am just going to enjoy my life. 

At my current job my supervisor just told me that he do not want to give me some projects because they are too complicated and because he thinks I will not be able to do them (WTF!!!!).  This really sucks.  I really need to move out or find something else the big question for me is to what and where? 

Since January I have been looking for either a promotion from my job to a different higher level position or a new job.  I have not been successful in that, I am not even getting job interviews.  And to make things more interesting,  the Governor announced a hiring freeze (because there is a deficit in the state budget), which I really do not know if that will also affect my ability to get a promotion.  My concern is not having enough money to pay my student loan (which are about $80,000,000).  It seems I may need to try to find a second job.  Or hope to win the Mega Million lottery sometime.    I guess is time for me to rethink things about what I am looking for in a job and future options to be able to make needs end.  And for those thinking getting a graduate degree in college with the help of student loans my advice is DON'T DO IT, UNLESS YOU ARE SURE IT WILL HELP YOUR CAREER !!!! IT ISNO FUN TO FINISH A DEGREE AND KNOW YOU CAN"T BUY ANYTHING BECAUSE YOU ARE IN DEBT!!!!  

Twelfth Night


I just finished another play this past weekend, William Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night".   It was fun to be part of this production after about a year without being part of any theatrical production.  I played Valentine and the first officer.  I also did the choreography for the sword fight scenes of the show, and people who went to see the show love all of the fight scenes.   So I am quite happy on how everything turned out considering that I only had a month to choreograph all fight scenes before going on vacation to Puerto Rico in July.  


Now I can focus on my next project the play "Time After Time" at Albany Civic Theater.  The play is about Amy, an attractive, lonely and a little fed up with her dead-end job as a bank clerk, is having an unusual day. An oddly dressed Englishman comes up to her desk, greatly concerned about an earlier visitor whom he is evidently following. What Amy doesn't realize yet is that both of these men have just left the London streets of 1893. Jack the Ripper has used H.G. Wells' time machine to disappear into the future, and H.G. decides it's his responsibility to bring him back to London and justice. H.G. and Amy begins to close in on Jack, which puts them into some seriously dangerous situations.

I have a small role in the production and I will also be doing the fight choreography.

Anyway, I hope some of you can come to see this production in September which will be quite interesting. 

Bye for now.

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A lot of things going on :

1. I am taking another stage combat class in NYC. Broadsword. I will have another SPT in May 31. I also began going to the class as the real me Paola .  For my test I will be doing a scene from Henry VI Part I

2. My great and awsome roomate Drea left to Rochester to be with her  two wonderful girlfriends (they really are cool). I am now living on my own trying to decide where to move. I do not have familiy in the area so that make things a little bit difficult. Because at the same time.... 

3. I still have my job with the state which is draining me out of energy while at the same time I am trying to find another job or a promotion within the agency that can get me a higher income and get me out of my current job. This coming Monday I have an interview in NYC. The thing that is making my job search a bit hard too is.... 

4. Transition, I have been on six month on hormones and doing laser hair removal in my face for the last 4 months. I have not come out full time as a woman at work becuase they have not make a decision on which bathroom I shall be allowed to use once I began living full time as a woman. There are no gender neutral bathrooms where I work. Finally, I decided to postpone starting living full time as a woman for after July 13 the reason..... 

5. I am going to visit my family in Puerto Rico on July 4. I am looking forward to it becuase I have not seen my sister and my nephew in quite a while , but I am scared about situations that could make the visit a nightmare such as trying to explain them what I am going through, dealing with the ignorance of some members of my family, and the fact that they are catholic and well I do not like any religion at all.

So there is a lot going on in my life right now only time will tell if I am able to survive. 

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Ok, I thought I was going to stay away from pro-wrestling but been retired sucks. So I am making a comeback. Under the Name of P.J. the drag queen of pro-wrestling. Although I am not a drag queen and in real life I am a transgender woman (male-to-female transexual). But with the character I am doing is my way to supporting the GLBT comunity and express what I feel and to show that there is nothing wrong for a guy to wear a dress or just been a cross-dresser or being a transgender and that we are not freaks and that we can do everything we want as any other person in the world.

For those of you that live near by the show will at Conquest Pro-Wrestling tonight (Saturday) April 19 at the Bennington VT Armory. 100 Franklin Street. Bennington VT. Bell time is at 7:30 PM

And if you can't go here is a link to one of my old matches

CJ Scott vs. Pedro Gonzalez

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